Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hello Summer?

Okay. First post here ever. I finally got to making an account and now I'm blogging. One week till school ends and then graduation. FINALLY. After 4 years of hard work and stress, I get to graduate. So maybe its still a bit early to say hello to summer, but hell, it surely feels like it already. I'm already planning my what-to-do-list-this-summer-before-college, so here's what I've come up with so far:


2. Try to accomplish my reading challenge of 100 books this year. ( atleast make it halfway this summer)


4. Watch the the movies and TV series that I missed because of school.

5. BUY the movies and the series first. Wouldn't want to be staring at a blank TV screen now, would we?

6. "Try" to exercise everyday. (bleh)

7. Make the most out of the outing in Palawan.

8. Hang out with friends. 

9. Have one helluvah summer :D

(I wanted to add, SUMMER JOB!!! there but the only one available is a whole day, monday - friday job. And I'm feeling kinda lazy this summer.)

I know my what-to-do-list-this-summer-before-college is kinda lame, okay, it's downright lame, but hey, that's what I like doing and how I want to spend my summer. And maybe I'm not alone, maybe there are also people out there who want to spend it the way I do (I'm with you guys :D), and maybe theres none. But who cares, it's my summer and imma have the best time. I just hope i get to do what's on the list :D

Here's a pic of me and my cousins last summer :D

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