Tuesday, April 5, 2011

After 1 Million Years...

I GET TO POST AGAIN!!! YAY!!! ha ha. Anyway, I didn't get to post for the past few days because of all the stress and things I had to do before graduation. BUT NOW THAT THAT'S OVER (graduation was last night, hoo-rah!)... I have all the time in the world!!! And... It is OFFICIALLY SUMMER!!!! Woo hoo!!!
(You may notice the abundance of exclamation points in this paragraph. Sadly, I'm a dork and get over-enthusiastic when I don't get to write for a few days. BUT, it is summer, and I get over-enthusiastic about that too.)

Wow. I am now officially an alumnus of our school. Not a high school student any more. Don't know if that's something to be happy or sad about. Maybe I should be both. Bittersweet. That's what they call it right? Lots of things I'm gonna miss, my friends, classmates and the Senior people who made it the great year that it is :D I know my high school life may not be everything that I dreamed of, but it sure is one hell of an experience that I wouldn't trade for that idealistic dream of high school I had. But theres also a voice inside me that screams: "THANK GOD IT'S FINALLY OVER!", because even if my high school life was rockin, it sure was hard as hell. And I don't know why I'm going to the University of the Philippines looking for more. I must be wacked.

Thats all for now folks, gotta get ready for the distribution of final grades later. Oh what fun.. *finds something else to do to procrastinate*