Thursday, September 27, 2012

Birthday books :D

Hurrah for books! Double hurrah for birthday books!

Its nice when people know you well enough that they give you books for your birthday cause they know its the only fool-proof gift they could give! Now I have 5 more beautiful babies to add to my shelf. Unfortunately though, they'll be sitting there dusting off until the sem ends and I can finally have some quality reading time.

Soon. Real soon.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Alive, once again.

I'm referring, ofcourse, to my activity here on my blog. But I really am quite the opposite right now. So here I am venting out cause I'm feeling like, well, shit.

Have you ever felt like you're feeling so many... feelings? Ha ha, okay excessive use of the word but that's just the point. Too much feelings.

In the Philippines, there's this restaurant where they have this so called "Taksyapo Wall" where you can throw glass plates, mugs or anything breakable they have (ofcourse you'd have to pay for it first) at the wall and yell "Taksyapo!". Right now the idea seems very much appealing to me. To try and relieve some stress. Heck, it seems quite fun. I might even get my own personal wall. Someday.

Taksyapo is a noun which in english means pest or nuisance, it could also be used as an expression when mad.

Aaaaand I will also be posting recent reads... soon. :)